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NEW November 12, 2017  Are you a VBA developer who has been using either NETComm or XMCommCRC ActiveX controls for serial data using either Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel and now find that you want to use the x64 bit versions of Access or Excel?  Most ActiveX controls are 32-bit only and will not work with the x64 versions of these VBA platforms; this includes NETComm and XMCommCRC.  What can you do?  I have a partial solution that will work in at least 80% of all such applications.  However, it has some limitations that would need to be discussed before you decide to pursue it.  Please contact me by email (see my contact information).


Frequency Counter/Pulse Counter/Interval Timer.  (NEW January7, 2012).  Download EXE and description of a simple application that uses a PC RS-232 serial port to measure these quantities. Square wave Generator.  (NEW January14, 2012).  Download EXE and description of a simple application that uses a PC RS-232 serial port as a square wave generator.


A number of controls and examples on this page use Microsoft MapPoint Use this link to purchase Microsoft MapPoint 2011 (click to purchase).


I have enhanced the Visual Studio SerialPort object that is furnished with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.  Click here for a description and to download the associated DLL and example code.  (NEW May 4, 2010).


While not actually a software download, click here for a paper that describes how to add waveform editing and creation for a Berkeley Nucleonics Model 625/625A Arbitrary Waveform Generator.  (NEW April 5, 2010).



The Visual Studio 2005/2008 GPSControl (NEW July 30, 2009) is is comprehensive serial GPS decoder solution provided free of charge.

Visual Studio 2005 Windows Service incorporating serial communications (source code example).  Use VS2005 to create a GPSLocationService in VB.  This example needs  a GPS receiver to be fully functional.  However, the accompanying description and code should be useful as a template for other Windows services that might be desired. (August 29, 2006)

GPSSerialDecoderAX.  (July 19, 2006) Download this FREE ActiveX control (about 2.8 Mb).  It may be used to receive and decode the NMEA-0183 data stream from most GPS receivers.  It provides Latitude and Longitude properties that are compatible with Microsoft MapPoint Included is a simple VB6 application to illustrate its use.  Source code for this control is included on the CD ROM that accompanies my book, Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, 4th Edition.

Virtual Null Modem (with Virtual Data Monitor) V2.  Download a demo version of this application to aid in serial communications debugging. (Updated May 14, 2007)  Note, VNM does not work under Vista x64.

XMComm2005.dll.  Add XMODEM error corrected file transfers to your Visual Studio 2005 projects (updated July 18, 2006)


Note for .NET assemblies:  I can provide assemblies with strong names (signed assemblies).  I charge a nominal $5 fee for signing, payable via PayPal (ID: hardandsoftware@comcast.net).


Other Downloads:

Visual Studio 2005 Serial Terminal Example (uses the System.IO.Ports namespace).  Download here. (Updated July 31, 2006) -- FREE

XMCommCRCNET dll for Visual Studio 2003.  XMODEM file transfers added to the basic Serial IO functions of DesktopSerialIO. (July 6, 2005) -- FREE

DesktopSerialIO dll Serial IO for Visual Studio 2003. (May 13, 2005) -- FREE  DesktopSerialIO for Visual Studio 2005 (why?).  Download here (November 15, 2006).

DecodeGPS dll for Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 Desktop Framework (May 17, 2005/July 24, 2006) -- FREE

IONET IO control for Visual Studio .NET FREE

DecodeGPS dll for the Visual Studio .NET Compact Framework  FREE

RemoteSerial Communications ActiveX controls & Compact Framework DLL.   NEW Feature June 2005 Virtual Serial Port Support

CFSerialTerminal Example code (use with Visual Studio 2003 for Windows CE/PPC 2000/2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 platforms).  This documents the included CFSerialIO DLL (.NET assembly) that I developed for use with  Pocket PC/Windows CE 4.1 and later systems using the .NET Compact Framework FREE! 

NETComm.ocx (serial communications for .NET and other ActiveX clients) -- FREE!

XMComm/CRC ActiveX™ control  (XMODEM)  New Feature May 2009 --  Serial Port Enumeration and Descriptions

The Software Breakout Box demo.  It can help debug your serial port problems (Demo)

LongTimer ActiveX control -- FREE!

InetStat ActiveX control -- FREE.

IO OCX ActiveX™ control (now includes Windows NT/2K/XP support!!!!!!!!) -- FREE

LED13 ActiveX™ control -- FREE!

CRC and/or mComm  VB6 Class Modules -- FREE


Software from Affiliated Companies



 Franson offers a range of software products for Desktop and Pocket PC development, including Virtual Serial Port and GPS support.  Click  here or the Franson SerialTools image for more information on the software available and approaches to their use in your software programs.