DL24 - An Affordable DC Active Load



$56 for a complete DC load.  But, the real selling point (and what makes this version more attractive than some slightly less expensive versions) is that it provides a USB serial and both SSP and low energy Bluetooth serial interfaces.  The manufacturer provides a link that you can use to download both an Android smartphone app (Bluetooth LE) and a Windows 10 PC application that can employ either the USB serial or Bluetooth SSP serial ports. (see eBay or Banggood for more information)

Sadly, the applications that you download are marginally better than nothing.  They duplicate some of the functionality of the built-in LCD screen and some of the manual switch control functions.  So, you can use these for very basic data viewing (though the UI defaults on startup to Chinese and when switched to English retains a few Chinese alphabetic elements).  In addition, only the basic Constant Current (CC) function is available in the applications.  Other functions, Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Resistance (CR), and Constant Power (CP) cannot be accessed.

There is a very important function that these applications do not provide.  The main reason to use a PC or smartphone application is to log data.  If a projected test executes for an extended time a user cannot be expected to open Notepad or Excel to record results.  I want the application to be able to archive this data to the computer for subsequent use.

October 20, 2022:  I have compiled a separate application, without automatic port identification, for Windows 7.  The required files are in the download, as well as a couple of small changes to the Windows 10 version. Read the Notes.txt file in the Windows7 zip archive.

The PC application that is provided by the manufaturer is not satisfactory (an understatement), so I wrote one that has the following feature list.  The full description of the application design and operation is included in the download.





Download the full Windows 10 setup program and application details here.  This download includes a version for Windows 7 (see below).


Download version for Windows 10/11 that includes a serial communications watchdog function, enhanced data logging, and battery discarge testing down to 0.1V.

Download updated version for Windows 7 that includes discharge testing down to 0.1V.  Unzip all files to a folder and copy the shortcut to your desktop.  The Setup installer does not work under some Windows 7 versions, so this will not appear in Installed Apps.